Faith Questions

We are always interested in hearing your questions about the Catholic faith. Feel free to call us and ask about any question you have. We will do our best to answer it and will try to find some experts we can interview who will help us find the best answer to your question.

Please feel free to call in with any sort of question. In fact, the question you have may also be a question that many of the other listeners have as well. If you call us with your question, you’ll be helping us and all the other listeners get to know our faith even better.

What’s My Line?

What’s my line is a promotion that we are currently running where we invite listeners to challenge us to fit a particular word or phrase into the podcast. Usually, we have to use some heavy thinking to get the requests in, which makes it fun for us. If you call in and give us a phrase that we use on the podcast, we will send you a Benedictine medal, blessed by Pope Benedict XVI and a St. Philip Neri holy card.

Book Reviews

On show 17, we mentioned that we were looking for reviews of great religious books to play on our show. We are looking to our listeners to help tell us about some great spiritual books to read. If you would like to call us about this particular topic, call 206-337-7945 and let us know the name of the book, the author and give us a one to two minute synopsis on why you like the book and let us know about anything new spiritually that you found. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Favorite Stories from School

School is back in session! In honor of school starting we want to hear funny stories from your school days! Whether it’s embarrassing, funny or a memory about a favorite teacher. Let us know! Feel free to call in your comments at (206) 337-7945, leave them here on the site, or e-mail us on our contact page.

Your Thoughts on the Rosary

During episode 13, we mentioned that we were going to be talking about the rosary on our next show. We are interested in hearing your thoughts on how the rosary fits into your life. Over the last four episodes, we’ve encouraged our listeners to become more familiar with the rosary by memorizing the different mysteries and committing to pray those mysteries during the week. Now, we want to know how it’s been going for you. Give us a call at +1.206.337.7945 and let us know.

Here’s the audio for episode 13



What are your thoughts on confession? How often do you go? What do you think about the Sacrament?

These are all questions that we are hoping to answer on two upcoming episodes of In Between Sundays. We want to hear your thoughts on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Have you ever had a good experience or do you have some helpful tips to share? We would like to hear from you.

Finding a Faith Community

In episode 9, we answered a question about finding communities of faith when moving to a new town. This is a big topic, especially for young adults who are moving out of the college lifestyle and into a parish community. Usually another parish or a group in a diocese will host a young adult group, but finding them can be hard.

What were your experiences after leaving college and working to find a community where you belonged? Perhaps you’re still searching for one. We want to hear from you and continue our discussion.

Want to hear what we talked about in episode 9? Click the play button below to listen to the episode.


Prayer in the Workplace

In Episode 7, we talked about prayer in the workplace. We still want to hear your experiences on how you have shared your faith at work. Have you had a good experience? Do you have some helpful thoughts for the other listeners? Let us know by calling our feedback line.

Want to hear what we talked about? Click the play button below to listen to episode 7.