Episode #53 – Shenanigans and Keeping Friendships Alive

Episode #53 - Shenanigans and Keeping Friendships Alive

We’re back with our latest shenanigans – or episode. Take your pick! In this show, we talk about keeping your friendships alive – because we’ve all be there – it’s Saturday night and you don’t have anything to do. How do you keep in contact with your friends and find some meaningful activities?

We’ve also got some big news about what’s been going on in our lives. Hint: Pat has a new job and Nick is no longer in Kansas City.

Finally, in the news section, we’ve got a special request from the pope and announce a contest to get to 1000 facebook fans. Want to help us out, spread the word and tell them to join our Facebook page!

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One Response to “Episode #53 – Shenanigans and Keeping Friendships Alive”

  1. Jeric says:

    Glad that you guys are back! 🙂