Episode #52 – Back in the Saddle

Episode #52 - Back in the Saddle

After a month’s hiatus, we are back with a new episode. There’s been a lot that has happened since anyone has heard from us in a month. We went on a family vacation and Nick got married. It’s been quite the busy last month. Now, we’re back to talk about setting up family budgets.

To start off the show, we’ve got two new what’s my lines and our three J’s for the past month. We give a quick recap of what’s been going on and talk a little bit about what’s getting us excited for this show and in the future.

Did you know that it’s a good thing to budget? In fact, it’s a good thing to look at more than just money. We can budget a number of things independent of money, such as our prayer time. In this part of the show, we give a quick overview of the tools that we have used to create a budget in our lives and our reasons.
Finally, we round out the show with some news about the Catholic New Media Celebration in Boston coming up this weekend. Pat’s excited to be there and meet a number of people. Nick will be attending on uStream and will be hanging out with the digital crowd.

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  1. Glad to see you back, I have been wondering about you guys! Congrats on the wedding!! Looking forward to the episode!