Episode #54 – Nature’s Call

Episode #54 - Nature's Call

We are back for another installment of In Between Sundays. In this episode, we have two challenging lines to fit in and some interesting news about the new mass translation.

In this show, we highlight Nature’s Call, a three-day camping weekend put on by the young adults of Kansas City. What is Nature’s Call… well it is a unique Catholic camping experience.

Finally, we round out the show with our three J’s and our feature for the next show. While we have not been as regular in recording our shows, we are putting together a plan for a more regular recording schedule. We hope to have more episodes soon! Also, thanks to all the young adults who helped us out for the Nature’s Call segment. God Bless!
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“In Between Sundays” is podcast dedicated to today’s Christian young adults. The goal is to help you live in the world outside of church. We talk about life as a young adult and ways to grow in faith.

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